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4 Cannabis Text Messaging Campaigns to Send this Summer

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Marketing in the cannabis industry can be a significant challenge for marijuana brands and dispensaries. With the plethora of marketing and advertising regulations in place, there are a multitude of factors cannabis businesses must pay attention to while attracting new consumers. Nevertheless, cannabis marketing is still available to the industry; it just needs a unique approach with a focus on compliance. In particular, marijuana text campaigns are an ideal way to attract, track, and retain loyal cannabis consumers.

The Pros of Quality Text Campaigns 

Texting campaigns are nothing new, and texting is a well-established method of advertising in many different industries. Think of it this way; 92% of the United States population owns a mobile device, and 68% of that population has a smartphone. Our society is the digital age, where many spend more time on the phone than they do sleeping.

In the past, telemarketers would make personal phone calls to reach out and engage consumers. While there’s a time and place for phone calls, there’s a lot of room for text messaging in today’s marketing climate.

  • Among people 21 – 34, texting is the preferred method of communication with businesses.

  • 83% of millennials open an SMS message within 90 seconds of receiving.

  • 75% of millennials prefer text messages to communicate deliveries, promotions, and surveys.

  • Consumers are more likely to open a text message before any other form of communication (emails, phone call, application notification, etc.)

What Makes Text Campaigns Ideal for the Cannabis Industry?

The cannabis industry is a highly regulated market which makes branding and consumer marketing campaigns a pain. While progress has been made, many social media outlets are adapting slowly to the new marijuana market. It becomes quite a challenge for marijuana companies to enhance their branding and consumer engagement with strict regulations and poor outreach, which is where text campaigns come into play.

Not only does it allow for quality consumer engagement, but it is easy to ensure compliance through essential text marketing campaigns. In an industry where constant engagement is tough to obtain, texting becomes the most efficient and effective marketing method.

4 Text Campaigns for Marijuana Businesses to Utilize this Summer

There a multitude of different text campaigns for marijuana businesses to utilize. These four examples of text campaigns are ideal for creating cannabis consumer engagement, attracting loyal consumers, tracking the marijuana marketplace, and enhancing overall company sales.

Announcing Summer Hours

To start the summer off, many marijuana businesses will increase or adapt their hours to fit into the summer's increase in tourism and daily foot traffic. Not only does in-store foot traffic increase over the summer, but so does the number of cannabis tourists in the area. By using text campaigns to inform the consumer of business hours, it shows an appreciation to the consumers and their time. It is also a quick reminder that the neighborhood pot shop is ready to provide all the summer cannabis needs!

Holiday Specials and Promotions

One of the essential text campaigns for a marijuana business is holiday specials. During cannabis holidays, average ticket sales increase drastically, and the amount of foot-traffic nearly doubles. Most consumers are bargain shoppers and seek to get the biggest bang for their buck. By blasting text campaigns that educate consumers on the stellar cannabis holiday deals, it increases the daily foot-traffic, enhances the potential of retaining a loyal consumer, and can attract new consumers through word of mouth. Make sure to be prepared for this year's 710 celebrations!

Summer Product Releases

The summer is a booming time for the cannabis industry. Not only does the opportunity to attract new consumers skyrocket, but it is the ideal time to retain loyal consumers with unique product releases. From marijuana ice-cream to infused-beverages, using a text campaign to announce new summer products is an excellent way to engage the consumer.

It is even a good idea to create further demand by announcing limited availability products which can only be purchased during the summer. It increases product demand, creates a sense of urgency in the cannabis consumer, and shows the loyal consumers appreciation by giving them a heads up before the average consumers.

Summer Harvest Updates

Cannabis consumers are always on the search for a rare, dank cannabis strain. It is a stellar idea to have a few summer-only cannabis strains to help build uncontrollable demand for a particular strain. By using blast campaigns to announce the release of newly available summer cannabis strains, it creates a frenzy around the strain, dispensary, and loyalty program. It may even be a good idea only to allow loyalty program consumers to have first access to the strain, which develops further loyalty and enhances the demand. Plus, consumers love being in the loop. By keeping them updated on when the fresh harvest is available, it maintains constant engagement with the consumers and builds a unique trust.

Be Diligent and Stay Ahead of the Game

Text campaigns are the ideal way to enhance consumer engagement and retention. It not only is the most effective outlet to keep consumers educated and in constant contact with the brand, but it develops personal relationships with the marketplace. The overall goal of any marijuana business is to attract and retain loyal cannabis consumers; text marketing campaigns are the most effective method available today.

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