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Leafbuyer provides a complete suite of smart solutions to help you take control of your brand, business communications, and bottom line. At Leafbuyer Technologies, we take the stress and time out of marketing to your customers and potential customers through Texting Campaigns, Loyalty Platforms, and providing Communication solutions.

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Texting Campaigns  
How does Cannabis Texting and Loyalty Work?

Did you know that 98-percent of texts are opened within three minutes? Marijuana text marketing can create response rates up to eight times higher than email campaigns. This allows you to target your customers individually and discreetly. You can maximize your marketing and your return on investment. Your company can grab the attention and retain your base of hundreds or even thousands of customers by using one text blast in “real time.” Leafbuyer Technologies was one of the founding fathers in the cannabis technology space. We have been here since the beginning of recreational legalization in Colorado. Our team has the knowledge of how to stay compliant with opt-in regulations when it comes to your texting platform.


Loyalty Platforms

Keep them coming back again and again.

Our Leafbuyer loyalty program will help retain your customers and keep them coming back. Through your individually designed loyalty app, your company can keep in constant contact with your customer base by offering incentives and discounts. This can help influence purchase behavior and creates opportunities for them to keep coming back to buy more. In the end, customers traditionally come back, if they feel connected to your company.


Communication Solutions  

No filters. No problem

Leafbuyer Technologies can offer solutions by keeping you in direct contact with your customer base. We offer a variety of solutions and incentives to drive traffic to your website, deals, social media, and much more. These tools include Leafbuyer’s custom mobile Smart apps, online ordering, delivery options, texting and picture messaging.


Dispensary &
Delivery Solutions

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Smart Rewards App




Loyalty Platform


Online Ordering


Who We Are

We are Leafbuyer Technologies, the publicly traded industry leader in marketing technology for the cannabis industry.

We create tools to help dispensaries and other marijuana businesses retain customers and increase sales. Our tools include custom mobile apps, texting and picture messaging, a dispensary loyalty platform and an online ordering solution for cannabis pickup and delivery.  Leafbuyer is always looking for ways to help dispensaries and cannabis companies navigate through the challenges cannabis companies face in a complicated and ever-changing industry. Leafbuyer has developed new technology where companies can create their own app and easily market directly to their customer base.

Brands We Work With

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"Super Easy to Reach New Customers"

"I have worked in the cannabis industry for 5 years and have delt with a lot of different vendors during that time.  


Working with Leafbuyer’s staff and using their suite of products provides an easy platform to navigate along with a great ROI. Posting deals and using their texting platform has made it super easy to reach new customers but has helped me retain my current customers.  If I have a technical issue, Leafbuyer’s team is always responsive even on the weekends.  


They are always making enhancements to their products which keeps them competitive as the cannabis industry evolves."

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ROCKY ROAD | Michael Scialfo, General Manager

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