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Leafbuyer Technology builds custom engagement solutions for the cannabis industry. Since 2014 we have been a leading provider for attracting, retaining and growing customer bases. With the highest delivery rate in the industry, we provide our customers with access to, SMS/MMS and push messaging, segmentation of audiences, mobile app solutions, lead catcher technology and programmatic solutions. 


Leafbuyer Technologies publicly trades under LBUY, OTCQB. Founded in 2014 we create tools to help dispensaries and other marijuana businesses retain customers and increase sales. 

Our tools include the following:

  • Custom Mobile Apps

  • Total Network Solution (reach new customers)

  • SMS/MMS Text Messaging.

  • Push Notifications 

  • Robust Loyalty Platform 

  • Integrations with all major POS companies  

  • Online ordering solutions

  • Access to 

  • Lead Catcher Technology (Geo Target your Dispensary)

Leafbuyer is always looking for ways to help dispensaries and cannabis companies navigate through the challenges cannabis companies face in a complicated and ever-changing industry.


Leafbuyer has developed and incorporated our technology into their own mobile application to insure the highest delivery rate in the industry.  

Our Tech

Engage with your customers through a custom-branded mobile application with real-time messaging, reward updates, pickup, and delivery.  

Push Messaging

Linked to our texting component will automatically detect if message is being blocked and send a push notification.  Messages are stored in App for easy access, allows customers to keep track of previous deals. 


Location/Mapping Information

Provides address, phone and location information. 


Purchase History

Provides up-to-date purchase history allowing your customers to see past purchases. 



Ability to offer online ordering with integrations into Jane, Dutchie or other online ordering systems. Learn more

morflax-things (7) copy (1).png

Rewards Wallet

Keeps track of Loyalty Points and allows your customers and patients to manage their accounts.



Ability to create link trees within the app



Ability to provide instant incentives to increase sales, cannabis deals are automatically linked to to increase reach with new customers.




Leafbuyer Loyalty is built exclusively for dispensaries. Retain and reward repeat customers with Leafbuyer Loyalty, the industry-leading platform for medical and recreational dispensaries.

It costs seven times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Returning cannabis customers spend 120 percent more than newly acquired customers.


It is more important than ever for dispensaries to have a Cannabis Loyalty Program to reach new customers as well as retain their current customers.


Developing your loyalty platform is a great way to turn existing customers into repeat customers to increase revenue. We can help you do it with the LeafBuyer Loyalty program.

Platform Includes:

  • Points per Spend

  • Points per Visit  

  • Integrates seamlessly with your current tech stack (Special requests may require additional development)

  • Set multiple reward instances at once 

  • Track & analyze, keep data points and KPIs to prove ROI on-demand

  • Website, texting, loyalty, and Smart App all working seamlessly together

  • Ability to track new signups for Loyalty

Learn more

Your customers keep returning with our Loyalty program.


Leafbuyer Technologies uses proprietary software to deliver your messages more efficiently than our competition. With the highest delivery rate in the industry, we use multiple avenues to deliver your message, including push notifications. The cannabis industry is a highly regulated industry, so working with just any textingcompany will not do. 

Why Text? 

  • More than 90 percent of people open their phone messages within just minutes of getting a text. 

  • Texting is the most efficient method to target your cannabis customers and patients. 

  • With an extremely high open rate, you can make a considerable impact instantly. 

  • The ability to custom target your customers with a platform that will immediately convert and increase sales.

  • Instant feedback on open rates, click through rates and delivery rates.    


LeafBuyer MMS texts see 80% less opt-out rates and 15% higher click-through rates. Clients who send LeafBuyer MMS texts see a 15-25% increase in same-day foot traffic. While SMS is less expensive, filtering and message failures are common in the cannabis industry with SMS messaging. Learn more




The only messaging platform in the industry that can add new customers to your texting list.  Through our Total Network Solution and we can drive more signups in your area plus track all future spending.  New Customers, New Revenue!  


How does it work?  When you send out a text message our system will automatically convert it to a web based ad, that as is displayed on as well as other sites in your area.    


Through our lead catcher solution clients can see 10%-15% growth in list size through our platform, NO OTHER TEXTING PROVDER EVEN COMES CLOSE!   


We have integration capabilities with all major POS companies in the cannabis space. If you are working with a POS company that is new or does not have integration capabilities, we will work with them to establish a connection. In some cases, if you are requesting a special integration, we will make every effort to accomplish this goal based on the limitations and access from your POS provider.



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