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What Our Customers
are Saying

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"I wanted to touch base with you all and rave about Leafbuyer! It has been very simple to use and is quite reliable. I am excited for all our stores to start using it so the other GMs can have the ease of this service.

It's a breath of fresh air when patients let us know they have received the text deal for the day. We have absolutely seen an increase in patients when we send out the image on Leafbuyer.


~ Paige Huller, General Manager


"After searching for a way to increase our business as efficiently as possible, we started on a journey of looking for direct marketing partners. We tried a couple of different texting programs and did not have much success with delivery rate. Jordan and Stephanie w/ Leafbuyer promised and different result and they DELIVERED! We are now able to have weekly meetings, plan out marketing, and use the Leafbuyer platform to bring it all to life. Customer love the loyalty app and literally can't wait to hear from us! Leafbyer, YOU ARE A GAME CHANGER!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!"

~ Breion Garrett, Operations Manager 



"Leafbuyer has outstanding customer service. They are incredibly attentive, responsive and accommodating. I always feel like they have our best interests at heart. They are great partners and we feel they bring value to our business.” 

~ Shannon Brooks, Director of Marketing


"Leafbuyer Texting/Loyalty paltform has been a valuable asset for our business and customer retention efforts. Although slightly skeptical at first, I've seen first hand how our patients engage with the kiosks in the store and keep coming back for repeat visits... they find it like a game and everyone wins!"

~ Mica Hays, Owner 

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"We've been using Leafbuyer's services for close to two years now. Their simple tools such as the in store kiosks and web widgets (on Leafbuyer and our own website) have helped us build a large database of customer phone numbers which drive huge sales that wouldn't have been possible without their services. Plus we love the 'superwidget' that puts our deals on other popular sites we'd otherwise never have access to."

~ Nick Torres, Marketing Director 


"Here at Levels, we enjoy having the opportunity to get in touch with our customers with a quick text through Leafbuyer Loyalty. This feature helps us when we get a new product in or a great product back in stock.”

~ Erin Vanderpool, Manager



“Working with the Leafbuyer texting platform has been pleasantly simple and straightforward! They have delivered on their promise for an easy and effective way to keep in contact with our customers. It’s been great to be able to send graphics along with the text – so much better than just a plain text message. We feel that Leafbuyer is in the business to support our success!” 

~ Susan Irey, Owner


“Prior to Leafbuyer, we experienced a lull where patients felt out of the loop. They were feeling in the dark as "perks" and deals were taken away from them. With Leafbuyer Loyalty, our patients feel appreciated and rewarded. We utilize texting campaigns to guide traffic to our store and keep more loyal patients. Overall, Leafbuyer has definitely been a great addition to the Good Weed family!”

~ Raquel Uhland



“I've had a great experience working with Leafbuyer over the past few years. It's hard to find good customer service in this space and their team is great. Communicative, easy to work with and extremely professional. I also feel like their products provide great results and are cost effective and easy to use. Definitely recommend them to anyone looking to advertise in the cannabis space!” 

~ Caitlin Garcia, Manager

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