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The Importance of SMS Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Advertising in the marijuana industry is no simple task. Strict compliance regulations keep marijuana businesses from expanding their brand and building significant market shares. Cannabis marketing is not impossible, but it forces marijuana businesses to think outside the box.

Email marketing has been the go-to method for customer communication, it's not the only direct avenue to reach consumers. Text message marketing is on the rise, and it's no surprise. Every consumer-facing industry is utilizing SMS campaigns in some way or another. Cannabis SMS marketing is taking over the industry as more marijuana businesses seek ways to engage with consumers. Be on the lookout for more consistent and effective cannabis SMS marketing campaigns in 2020!

Why is Cannabis SMS Marketing Essential in 2020?

We are in a world of constant contact and access, and many industries are already utilizing SMS marketing to further their business. The reason is simple: text messages have a much higher open and click rate than emails. 

  • People check their phones around 80 times per day.

  • 90% open rate for text messages.

  • Most text messages are opened in around 3 minutes.

  • Emails only receive about a 25% open rate.

It's clear that text messages are likely to gain consumer engagement. However, while frequent contact is beneficial for building a loyal consumer base, too much can create the opposite effect. For those reasons, make sure your cannabis SMS marketing focuses on obtaining these results:

  • Increase Overall Foot Traffic

  • Drive New Products

  • Push Out Stagnant Products

  • Keep the Consumer Informed and Engaged

  • Push Cannabis Deals

  • Gather Consumer Demands and Desires

  • Build More Effective SMS Campaigns with Information Gathered

  • Fill the Store During Slow Business Times

  • Create Loyal Consumer Relationships

It's all about gathering information, keeping the consumer engaged, and providing direct and relevant content.

Types of Cannabis SMS Marketing Campaigns

There is an endless number of SMS campaigns for marijuana businesses to utilize in 2020. Every cannabis company should adapt their SMS campaigns to fit their local market and consumer.

It is challenging to develop a quality cannabis SMS marketing campaign without first understanding the consumer pool your marijuana business attracts. Once a cannabis company understands the type of cannabis consumer they are attracting, it is best to focus on these categories for developing an effective SMS campaign.

1) Dispensary Promotions / Deals / Offers

There are a variety of different SMS campaigns that fall into this category. Dispensaries must focus on attracting and retaining consumers, and deals can help accomplish both goals. Examples include: 

  • BOGO Offers

  • Bulk Discounts

  • Blow-Out Sales

  • Brand Discounts

2) Appreciation Towards Loyal Customers

A loyal cannabis consumer is far more likely to spend more per year than the average consumer. It is essential to make these consumers feel appreciated. SMS campaigns are an excellent tool to give extra love to your loyal cannabis consumers.

Whether you send VIP-only perks or merely a big thank you note, SMS campaigns are ideal for retaining loyal customers. It also builds personalization with the consumer and the brand, which increases loyalty and overall sales.

3) Daily Deals and Promotions

It is common for marijuana dispensaries and brands to at least offer one daily deal to consumers. SMS campaigns are ideal for pushing daily deals and increasing traffic on important days. Daily deals and promotions keep the consumer thinking about your company or brand even when they are stocked up with cannabis. By sending text message reminders, it increases daily foot traffic, brand awareness and loyalty, and overall daily sales.

  • Munchy Mondays

  • Wax Wednesdays

  • Thirsty Thursdays

  • Pre-Roll Friday

  • Shatterday

Daily deals are also a great way of focusing on specific products. If your shop has too much wax, start a Wax Wednesday promotion!

4) Happy Hours

Cannabis SMS marketing campaigns are great for increasing foot traffic during slow business hours. Create a happy hour by sending a text message deal that only lasts from noon to 4:00. It is perfect for bringing in business at unusual times and builds consumer engagement. Timely deals and promotions force consumers to pay constant attention to your brand or company.

Start Using SMS Marketing Today!

The above categories are just some of the few cannabis SMS marketing campaigns to focus on this year. Each category aims to increase consumer attraction and retention. Be ahead of the game and start using cannabis SMS marketing campaigns, today!

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