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The Ultimate FAQ for Colorado Cannabis Delivery

All hands on deck! Delivery is coming to the Colorado cannabis industry, and dispensaries need to prepare for this momentous change. In our September 2020 webinar, we worked with Sharp Solutions to provide a wealth of information about this new way to buy and sell cannabis in the Centennial State. We even provided clear steps that Colorado dispensaries can follow to take advantage of this shift from in-store retail to online delivery orders. Click here to watch that webinar!

In this article, we wanted to provide a helpful FAQ about delivery. Feeling ambitious? Feel free to dive into the actual law and hire a legal team for clarification. We know that dispensary operators are busy people though, so we worked with Sharp Solutions to provide the most important information here. If you have any other questions that need answers, click here to contact us!

When is delivery going to be legal in my specific area?

Each jurisdiction must opt in for medical and adult-use home delivery. Contact your local city officials to learn about delivery in your area.

Can I start a delivery service separate from a dispensary?

No, all deliveries must involve a dispensary because the order must take place on the dispensary level.

Could product companies start doing deliveries directly instead of working with dispensaries?

No, all delivery orders must go through a local dispensary.

If I operate a legal dispensary in an area where delivery is allowed, do I need a special license to handling deliveries?

You will need a delivery permit that attaches to your existing license.

How far away can I deliver? Do I have to stick within 5 miles of my store?

A dispensary must deliver within its county. Currently, there is no established maximum distance from the store.

Can I send my employees in their cars to perform the deliveries?

No, the car needs to be owned or leased by the dispensary. The car also has specific technical requirements in terms of cameras and lock boxes.

Could I train one employee to perform the deliveries? What are your recommendations and best practices to keep my delivery drivers safe?

Yes, it is highly recommended to have a dedicated driver on payroll. The state has safety regulations around vehicle security (i.e. equipment) for product and personnel security. Sharp Solutions has Covid-19 provisions in addition to the safety protocols to further distance the driver and the consumer.

Is there a weight or quantity limit on what delivery drivers can carry at one time?

Yes, $10,000 worth of product is the maximum.

Can I send out recreational and medical orders in the same car?

Yes, that is allowed as long as they are addressed per dispensary.

What are acceptable forms of payment for a delivery?

Right now the dispensaries are handling all fulfillment and money collection. In the beginning, cash will likely be required, but over time third party partners for debit and credit card processing may be introduced.

I have multiple locations. Can I accept the delivery order and then decide which location to send it from?

No. The customer must order from one specific dispensary, and that product is tracked through METRC.

Do I need to purchase special insurance for delivery?

Yes, your vehicles need to be insured. Contact Sharp Solutions for details.

Can I let consumers track the vehicle (like a dominos or Uber Eats order)?

Delivery companies are not allowed to provide turn tracking but may provide departure and arrival time notifications.

We should also note that these answers may differ per jurisdiction and are subject to change as the legislation progresses. We will keep you posted!


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