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4 Reasons Why Dispensaries Need a Custom App

In today’s highly competitive cannabis industry, dispensaries and deliveries need an edge in order to survive. They must continually rethink how they attract, retain, and communicate with customers. The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has complicated things further and accelerated trends like online ordering. One vital tool that every dispensary should explore during this time is customizable, mobile app. With tools that can create brand loyalty and allow consumers to place orders from their smartphone 24/7, a custom dispensary app can give dispensaries the advantage they need. Let’s explore 4 reasons why a custom app is a must have for businesses during and after the pandemic.

1) Customer Interaction

Mobile apps are an excellent way to keep your customers engaged on a day to day basis. They offer the customer convenience and increase brand visibility. In this day and age, all dispensaries need an app to be relevant, demonstrate credibility, and offer quick and easy interaction with the customer. Interactive elements can include offers and deals, menus, and message histories just to name a few. Plus, an app offers the customer a convenient way to shop without having to go into the dispensary.

Apps also offer personalization. Customers create profiles, which allows the app to show their specific purchase history, preferences, etc. Dispensaries can then use that information to tailor the customer’s experience through personalized SMS, MMS, and push notification messages. This fosters a stronger relationship and increased loyalty with the dispensary and the brand.

2) Building Brand Awareness

Companies spend billions of dollars every year on commercial advertising to strengthen their brand awareness. Mobile apps can accomplish the same goal by connecting with the customer 24/7. The more frequently a customer is reminded of your brand, the more likely they are to spend money with you. Think about it, when you already like a certain brand and get a notification of a deal for that brand, you are more likely to purchase it. Let’s say you love Ben & Jerry’s. If you get sent a deal on their ice cream, you’re more likely to buy it that day. This simple concept applies to dispensaries as well.

3) Increased Revenue

An app leads to increased revenue by making the purchase process simple and convenient. Research shows that purchase rate is influenced by the quality of the customer experience. A well-designed app increases customer interaction and loyalty by offering in-app orders and easy-to-access information. Offering loyalty rewards and discounts also increases revenue as consumers are eager to take advantage of great promotions. A great app equals a happy customer which translates to more purchases and increased revenue for the dispensary.

4) Competitive Advantage

Consumers already have an expectation that retail businesses should have an app, but most dispensaries do not have their own branded mobile app. That, by itself, means that you should be researching custom app solutions as a competitive advantage. However, if you have started this process, you probably realized several challenges immediately. First, apps can be cost prohibitive for small businesses. Second, if apps aren’t designed with proper consumer flow, the app can be ineffective and actually inhibit sales. Third, different businesses require different functionality. A non-cannabis app company may claim they can create the perfect solution, but when you describe your needs (e.g. pickup and delivery of a controlled substance), they are unable to create a cannabis-friendly app or list a price in the six figures.

Luckily, some companies in the cannabis industry, like Leafbuyer Technologies, offer clients a customized app solution. Some of the features include live deals, POS menu integration, online ordering, message history showing SMS and MMS, and loyalty rewards. This option provides the dispensary with an efficient, affordable way to remain competitive during a pandemic and beyond as people do more of their shopping on mobile devices. To learn more about obtaining a custom app for your dispensary or delivery, click here to request a free demo.


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